Nagel and Partners Ltd (N&P) supports seed to mid size companies with board advisory and NED services in sectors such as scientific, medical, pharma, biotech, diagnostics, medtech, software and healthcare IT. Examples of services that N&P can provide to support companies to grow.

  1. Provision of Mr Nagel as an NED or to support the board to search for an NED.
  2. Opening doors to enable the company to progress the R&D of the products.
  3. Opening doors to enable the company to sell more products or services.
  4. Developing strategic business plans to go to the market and raise capital.
  5. Support in Investors, legal and financial relations 
  6. Providing independent and objective commercial input to board decisions without bias of being a shareholder. 
  7. Developing a framework of reasonable and efficient controls for assessing and managing risk.
  8. As a NED, raising further EIS, VC, VCT investment capital, if needed and approved by the shareholders.
  9. Developing corporate strategy to enable the company to meet its corporate targets.
  10. Developing tactical plans to enable the company to sell more products or services.
  11. Collaboratively working with the board to solve commercial problems.
  12. Support in administrating board meeting and shareholder meetings.
  13. Implementing robust and defensible financial controls and systems management.
  14. Implement human resources management including director succession planning.
  15. To constructively and respectfully raise questions at board meetings: (a) to ensure that management accounts are fully scrutinized at least on a quarterly basis, (b) so that all board decisions are always aligned with the interests of the shareholders and (c) so that the company operates within the UK corporate governance code.


LEGAL DISCLAIMER: Nagel and Partners Ltd does NOT provide investment, financial, tax or legal advice.